About Civil Litigation

Civil litigation includes personal injury cases, landlord/tenant issues, collection matters, contract disputes, partnership issues, foreclosure suites, business disputes, medical malpractice, claims, estate litigation, and other matters. Out attorneys are experienced in handling complex litigation. In any litigation matter, you need thorough and competent representation to achieve the best result possible.  We take pride in the fact that we offer individualized care in demanding and stressful situations. We do this so we are able to spend the necessary time on your case to get to know you and the circumstances surrounding it. From here, we are able to build a legal strategy that fits your specific needs. We know that legal matters can include complicated and sensitive issues. With our thorough case preparation and in-depth investigation of the facts surrounding your case, you will find comfort in the fact that you have a Boca Raton attorney working with you who has your best interest as his primary goal.

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Our law firm is strongly focused on serving clients in Boca Raton and Florida. When you contact us, you can rest assured that you are working with a law firm that knows Florida law and the area courts and who can bring a unique and broad perspective to your case. You can count on our experience to work for you. To find out how, call 561-361-9600.