Residential Real Estate Attorney

For over 30 years, we at Cohen Kotler, P.A. have been providing our clients with help and guidance with their real estate transactional matters, closings and title work.  Buying or selling a residential property is likely one of the most stressful things a homeowner can encounter.  While many of our sophisticated clients are capable of undertaking buying or selling a home without counsel, we find that they take great comfort in having attorneys that handle these matters on a daily basis to guide them though all aspects of reviewing broker listing agreements, preparing the purchase and sale agreements, undertaking inspections and negotiating issues regarding those inspections, financing, preparing and reviewing closing documents, preparing and reviewing title insurance and assuring compliance with the title requirements in order to make sure the property is properly insured, and closing the transaction.  We provide transactional real estate and closing services for clients throughout South Florida.  Whether you are a buyer, broker, seller, borrower who is refinancing, lender, investor, or developer, our firm offers the closing, title insurance and legal services you need.  Having an attorney assist you in the purchase and sale process can give you with great peace of mind.  We are here to help.  

Commercial Real Estate Attorney

Our firm has a solid history of providing thorough representation in commercial real estate transactions.  It is important to have seasoned counsel who knows how to identify the issues that matter most in your transaction.  We are deal makers, not deal breakers.  Our goal is to have our clients go in to the transaction with their eyes open.  Generally, in commercial real estate transactions, clients have some level of commercial sophistication.  We strive to identify issues that are meaningful and helpful to our clients so that our clients can make good business decisions in their deals.  We have years of experience handling commercial leasing, sales and purchases for retail clients, warehouse clients, office developers, gas station developers and operators, and myriad business owners who have real estate as some component of their businesses that are bought or sold.  Our approach is simple.  Identify the issues and work as efficiently as possible to address the issues until the deal is closed.  If you are looking for attorneys who work hard toward getting commercial transactions concluded favorably and efficiently, then Cohen Kotler can help you.  

Foreclosure, Short Sales and Lender Work Outs

Our firm has significant experience in litigating commercial and residential foreclosure cases both for borrowers and for lenders, including considerable interaction with the FDIC on behalf of banks that have been taken over by the FDIC and resold through the use of loss share agreements.  That has given us real insight in to what possibilities exist in coming to a negotiated resolution in foreclosure cases and what realistic methods are involved in selling or acquiring a property through foreclosure or a short sale.  From title issues, to lien priority issues, property tax issues and associations issues, we can provide legal advice and input to give you a clear understanding of the process, and what relief is really possible.  We undertake serious evaluation of foreclosure, short sale and lender work out alternatives and are able to implement realistic plans to get real results.  

Title Insurance

We have been approved agents for Old Republic Title Insurance Company (formerly Attorney's Title Insurance Fund) and First American Title Insurance Company for over 30 years.  Having handled many hundreds of transactions in that time, we have had the opportunity to see and address vast numbers of title issues and consistently, with the assistance of our underwriters, address those title issues as they arose, thereby permitting seamless closings of our residential and commercial transactions.  We routinely handle multi million dollar closings and issue title insurance on those transactions.  As a Cohen Kotler client, you can take comfort that we are handling any title issues in a manner so as to assure a smooth and worry-free closing.  

Contact A Boca Raton Real Property Lawyer

If you have a real property dispute that you need to have resolved as soon as possible, we can help you. While the law can seem cut and dry at times, there are other times in which it can be confusing and could result in you not receiving what you deserve. Let us help by scheduling your free consultation with us. Simply call us at 561-361-9600 and we will evaluate the case and present you with the information and the options that you need.