A will is a great step toward planning your estate. We will walk you through the entire estate planning process, whether you are simply creating a will or you are also creating at trust. One of the first steps is to evaluate the financial situation of the family, as well as financial goals. You will also learn about the many estate planning options in addition to creating a will. It is never too early or too late to create a plan for your estate and make sure your beneficiaries are taken care of when you pass on.

Different Planning Techniques

The preparation of wills and trusts are great first steps. As your Boca Raton wills lawyer, we will help you prepare your will and trust, including a living trust, in order to control the distribution of property upon your death and possibly avoid probate. We can also:

  • Create life insurance trusts to keep the life insurance proceeds out of a taxable estate and make sure that life insurance proceeds are protected and invested so that the beneficiaries are protected.
  • Use techniques that can reduce the taxes, such as family limited partnerships and sales.
  • Use Dynasty Trusts to protect assets of future generations from estate tax and from spouses and creditors.
  • Prepare a living will, a power of attorney, and a health care proxy to protect you against incapacity.
  • Can plan your estate if you are in your second marriage.
  • Set up a special needs trust if you have a special needs child.
  • Navigate Florida’s Homestead Law because of the challenges it can present during the estate planning process.

Creating Your Estate Plan

The first step is to consult with your Boca Raton wills lawyer so that recommendations can be made based upon a comprehensive review of your situation and your assets. We also want to know your personal goals. Once your estate is analyzed, including any business dealings and financing structures, we do what we can to learn about you and your family. Getting to know you helps us help you define your estate planning objectives and provide you with options that are effective. This includes tax planning and much more. Of course, the process starts with your will and moves on to other documents, such as the building of trusts. We help you every step of the way, including the funding phase. We ensure that your plan is one that works well for you and will take all measures possible to keep the estate out of probate.


Contact A Boca Raton Wills Lawyer

It is never too early or too late to create a will. The creation of a will means your beneficiaries having instructions as to how everything is to be divided. They know what your wishes are and this can prevent fighting amongst loved ones. To learn more about how we can help, call us at 561-361-9600 to schedule your free consultation.